Bom Impeks is a multinational company that was founded in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1990, and which is based in Banja Luka. Since its very beginnings it has been well-known for processing and distributing coffee and its Omcafé brand.

Our strategy is built around meeting the consumers’ needs, as well as creating high-quality products and ensuring long-term growth of the company. Professional approach to the market demands, as well as the acquisition and application of new technologies have positioned us among the companies that are keeping up with the world trends.

In addition to the initial activity of processing and distributing coffee, we are now expanding our production activities with a focus on processing and distributing nutritional salt, road salt as well as bitumen emulsions.

Our activities in that field of work started at the beginning of 2000s. Great effort and hard work have resulted in business success, so that we expanded our business operation in the region as well, by way of opening companies in the former Yugoslav countries.

We have focused our attention on the application of automation technologies in order to ensure highest quality products for our customers. Our plants operate in line with the European standards that ensure and maintain the stability of production and quality.

Since our very beginnings our aim has been to establish socially responsible business operation which is based on ethical conduct in accordance with the law and legal regulations in order to ensure the most positive effect on the society and local communities possible.